Kwasi Konadu

A talk on technology and agriculture in African history, and how that history and the world we inhabit continue to be shaped by iron, food production, and socio-political hierarchy. The presentation was made in Brooklyn, New York, July 2017.

Talk at Vanderbilt University, October 2016

Entitled, "The Blacksmith's Tool is Medicine: Healing Africa and our World," this talk took its cue from a recently completed book of an indigenous healer, blacksmith and farmer from twentieth century Ghana, through which I critically examine, more broadly, major roadblocks on Africa's path to prosperity and full human development. 

Presentation at an international symposium, CUNY Graduate Center, March 2015

This talk reconstructs the identity of a “liberated” African Muslim captured in early 19th century southern Senegambia, shipped on a Portuguese slaver to Cuba and the Bahamas, and then whose life faded into obscurity.

Part of a larger book launch ceremony in Ghana (2012) for the book, The Akan Diaspora in the Americas (2010). The event was sponsored by the Ghana-Caribbean Association of Ghana, and this 18 minute introductory talk was given at Dr. Irene Odotei's house in Accra. My thanks to the association and Dr. Odotei for organizing and hosting respective parts of the event.

An audio interview with Marshall Poe of the New Books in History (New Books Network) on the book, Transatlantic Africa, 1440-1888 (NY: Oxford University Press, 2014).


An audio interview with Vershawn Young of the New Books in History (New Books Network) on the book, The Akan Diaspora in the Americas (NY: Oxford University Press, 2010).