Kwasi Konadu

Yɛbɔɔ kwan yi kɔtoo asuo no.... Meresua; momma menhu.
— Akan drum text

Welcome! It's a pleasure to have you here. I thank you for the visit. I am the father of three beautiful and very intelligent daughters, a truly grateful husband who is married to an equally beautiful and intelligent wife and life partner, a scholar specializing in the histories of Africa and its worldwide communities, a healer who studied with my grandfather in Jamaica and then a family of exceptional healers in Takyiman (central Ghana), and a publisher of scholarly books about African world histories and cultures through the Diasporic Africa Press, Inc

I was born on the island of Jamaica. I trace my ancestry through my mother's family, which includes a maternal grandfather and a great-great-grandmother who were healers, she hailing from the Maroon community of Accompong. Her (grand)mother came to the island from the Gold Coast (present-day Ghana). This (grand)mother was named Adwoa Konadu. I began collecting these stories for a family history project, which I began as a 19 year old undergraduate majoring in history and education. I, then, also began my life's work on the history of Africa and its worldwide communities. 

I teach at Colgate University, where I am the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Endowed Chair and Professor of Africana Studies. I offer courses in African history and on worldwide African histories and cultures. With extensive archival and field research in West Africa, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean basin, and North America, my writings focus on African and African diasporic histories, as well as some major themes in world history. This site is devoted to my intellectual work, and so I invite you to browse through my books, forthcoming projects, presentations, and blog posts.